Continental Rails II

Adventurer Kings

  • WinSAGA US (ZIP file) - COSMO version, compatible with Windows x64
  • WinSAGA US (Windows Installer) - COSMO version, compatible with Windows x64, can be used on Linux with Wine
  • MacSAGA (ZIP file) - COSMO version, repackaged with WineBottler for MacOS X MountainLion and later
  • AK Earth map (SVG format) includes starting positions for each Empire.
  • Ubuntu 18 Virtual Machine with WinSAGA, for Microsoft Hyper-V.
    (Password for the account is: WinSAGA)
    You'll still have to install the software needed to share data (Nextcloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox, …), or reconfigure the virtual network switch to get access to your local network.