Continental Rails II

Logo Continental Rails

From the East Coast to the West Coast, your goal is to expand your network of railroad lines to achieve supremacy and fortune!

The map depicts 400 railroad trunk routes in the USA, 100 small local Companies to transform into national scale Societies or merge into your network, into 15 geographic areas in Canada, Mexico and USA.
The competition will come from the other 14 Railroad Tycoons. You will know who the other players are. You can conspire with them or not; diplomacy is not necessary to play successfully. If they are doing too well or are obstructing your plans, you can always try to drive them to financial ruin, but they may be trying to ruin you. In addition to your rivals, you must contend with the vicissitudes of the stock market, boom times and panics, bank failures, and loan recalls.

There are 6 Victory Point categories. Each turn you will receive VP in five categories based upon your status at the end of the turn or for actions during the turn. Each category relates to one domain of activity in managing your companies or portfolio.
There can be up to 6 winners in each game, so you can select which goals you wish to pursue.