Continental Rails II

Game # 32 - Turn # 9

Headline News 1857 to 1858

World & National New

  1. 1857: Western Union Telegraph Company begins operations.
  2. 1858: The Dred Scott decision by Supreme Court angers Northern anti-slavery elements.

Railroad News

  • Private Companies Purchased: J. Pierpont Morgan bought L&N for $20005, Milton Littlefield bought CRIP for $6100, Thomas Scott bought CB&Q for $17903, Edward Harriman bought CASL for $12345, William Palmer bought CNS for $11452, Jim Fisk bought M&LR for $7563.
  • PCs Merged: MON merges into ERIE, A&C merges into N&C.
  • PCs Incorporated: C&C, IC, C&NW, O&M, GM&O.
  • New Technologies Acquired: B&M bought block signal system, NYC bought block signal system, PENN bought block signal system, READ bought block signal system, B&O bought block signal system, C&O bought block signal system, N&W bought block signal system, W&M bought coal burning engines, C&H bought block signal system, S&A bought block signal system, SCL bought block signal system, COG bought block signal system, WBSH bought block signal system, A&T bought block signal system, N&C bought block signal system, SM bought block signal system.
  • RoWs built: OH6 by NYC, IN6 by ERIE, IN3 by PENN, OH5 by READ, IL3 by B&O, KY2 by C&O, IL2 by N&W, VA1 by W&M, TN12 by C&H, TN7 by S&A, AL8 by SCL, AL7 by COG, OH7 by WBSH, AL4 by A&T, KY14 by N&C, MS6 by SM, MI1 by MN.
  • NYC doubled C4, PENN doubled IN1, C&O doubled MD1, N&W doubled IN4, C&H doubled SC4, SCL doubled FL6, COG doubled A&WP.
  • New RoWs acquired: W&M got VA3, MN got OH3, PENN got OH8, NYC got MI5, WBSH got IN10, N&W got IL1, C&O got KY5, ERIE got KY8, S&A got KY10, B&O got KY12, A&T got TN5, SM got TN8, N&C got TN14, COG got MS1, C&H got MS3, SCL got MS4, READ got MI2.
  • Cornered stocks: NYNH.
  • New railroad Presidents: Thomas Durant of GM&O, Jay Gould of O&M, John Forbes of IC, Dan Drew of C&NW.
  • New Private Companies Available: FW&C, FEC, L&A, CP, WP, UP.
  • John Forbes dominated the social pages by conspicuously spending $3299. Other tycoons prominently displayed in the news for lavish spending were: Hannibal Kimball, Edward Harriman, William Palmer, Milton Littlefield, J. Pierpont Morgan
  • Wall Street Report: During last turn, the economic climate changed from Normal to Good.
  • Best locomotive available: Norris 4-2-0
  • Technologies available are: Grand Station, switch yards, steel rails, coal burning engines, block signal system.

Tycoon Announcements:

1Jim Fisk i can't believe some of you prefer nynh over cog
2Edward Harriman you can't make a railroad without breaking some rights-of-way!
3Susan Morningstar ny times front page: horse beats snidely at poker. where's nell?
5Snidely Whiplash building my railroad will tie up all my 4'8" employees!
6Milton Littlefield there must be a moral to the effect of the purchase of the c&nw.
7Thomas Scott ny daily news correction: susan morningstar is roped by snidely whiplash

Top Victory Points

The top five Tycoons in each Victory category are (listed first to fifth):
Robber BaronWilliam Palmer (12)Thomas Scott (7)Hannibal Kimball (10)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Dan Drew (14)
Rail MogulWilliam Palmer (12)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Thomas Scott (7)Dan Drew (14)Hannibal Kimball (10)
Rail BuilderMilton Littlefield (6)Hannibal Kimball (10)Thomas Scott (7)Thomas Durant (11)Jim Fisk (1)
Rail MagnateMilton Littlefield (6)Thomas Scott (7)Hannibal Kimball (10)Susan Morningstar (3)Thomas Durant (11)
Rail ProdigalHannibal Kimball (10)Edward Harriman (2)William Palmer (12)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Milton Littlefield (6)
Rail BaronHannibal Kimball (10)William Palmer (12)Milton Littlefield (6)Thomas Scott (7)Edward Harriman (2)

Player Summary

President ofPCs owned
Player #Tycoon nameRR 1RR 2PC 1PC 2
7Thomas Scott S&AERIECB&Q....
12William Palmer N&W....CNS....
10Hannibal Kimball PENN............
4J. Pierpont Morgan SMNYNHL&N....
9Jay Gould O&MREAD........
6Milton Littlefield B&O........CRIP
14Dan Drew SCLC&NW........
3Susan Morningstar NYC............
13William Ogden ....W&M........
11Thomas Durant C&HGM&O........
1Jim Fisk COGN&C....M&LR
8John Forbes ICMN........
5Snidely Whiplash WBSH............
2Edward Harriman C&O....CASL....
15Carl Olson ................

Railroad Summary

RRNameTracksRevenuesExpenseEfficiencyBondsLoansProfit / shareDividend / shareGrantLand
B&MBoston & Maine 51355750306639997150378976140377
GTGrand Trunk 7808915149032991563881252704400
NYCNew York Central 14572418821257809929784921309610700
NYNHNew York & New Haven 1101770799169822125184153100
ERIEErie Lackawanna 142921120711405297305496233660740426
PENNPennsylvania 13442461271279869929923718372311160334
READReading 9561307296797999193135152969690349
B&OBaltimore & Ohio 147822792812080498302890215224853200
C&OChesapeake & Ohio 15312142181113939933284224932466220536
N&WNorfolk & Western 1573195111101457992864312154606400
W&MWilmington & Manchester 7548487744985981369961082975400
C&HCharleston & Hamburg 978139998727999919150711344484950349
S&ASavannah & Augusta 8461138246601796178058141954440294
SCLSea Coast Line 994148018828919519560513233179384343
COGCentral of Georgia 7411155976011199143150102454970517
WBSHWabash Line 2163169319016944408633934506100
A&TAlabama & Tennessee 295321401767799613054631439640418
GM&OGulf, Mobile & Ohio 13514599100738526969195310000
N&CNashville & Chattanooga 443481572648699855926383840550310
SMSouthern Mississippi 50758085319479911004881177410770
MNMichigan Northern 160243161386097361412758961300
O&MOhio & Mississippi 16518761127578633059239411000
C&CCincinnati & Chicago 20223593151009041063297372000
ICIllinois Central 18521984147298738105275951000
C&NWChicago & Northwestern 12018156119838826795194054000

Railroad Lines

Regions:  A = Atlantic ;  D = Deep South ;  O = Ohio ;  L = Great Lakes ;  C = Central ;  M = Mississippi ;  G = Gulf ;  W = Midwest ;  S = Southwest ;  T = Mountain ;  P = Pacific ;  N = Canada ;  X = Mexico 
  • Boston & Maine (B&M)
    B&M ; ME1 ; C1
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: AN]
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
    GT ; C2 ; C3 ; NY1
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: AN]
  • New York Central (NYC)
    NYC ; HRL  (Double) ; B&A  (Double) ; B&H  (Double) ; NY3 ; C4  (Double) ; C5 ; MS ; MC ; OH6
    Unbuilt MI5
    [Regions: ALN]
  • New York & New Haven (NYNH)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Erie Lackawanna (ERIE)
    ERIE ; NY2 ; PA11 (Double) ; MRLE ; A&GW ; OH4 ; IN2 ; MON ; IN6
    Unbuilt KY8
    [Regions: AOLC]
  • Pennsylvania (PENN)
    PENN (Double) ; LV  (Double) ; PA9 ; PA10 ; LS  (Double) ; PA2  (Double) ; TP&W ; GTW ; IN1  (Double) ; IN3
    Unbuilt OH8
    [Regions: ALC]
  • Reading (READ)
    READ (Double) ; PA5 ; PA6 ; P&FW (Double) ; WV2 ; OH2 ; OH5
    Unbuilt MI2
    [Regions: AO]
  • Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
    B&O ; WV1 ; M&C ; PA7 ; P&LE (Double) ; IN5  (Double) ; IN7 ; C&EI ; IL5 ; IL3
    Unbuilt KY12
    [Regions: AOLCM]
  • Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O)
    C&O ; MD1  (Double) ; VC ; VA2 ; C&A  (Double) ; CNJ ; PA1  (Double) ; PA8 ; SC5 ; WV4 ; BRL ; KY2
    Unbuilt KY5
    [Regions: AD]
  • Norfolk & Western (N&W)
    N&W  (Double) ; R&D  (Double) ; N&S ; VA4 ; RF&P (Double) ; W&W ; VA5 ; KY1 ; IN4  (Double) ; IN9 ; IL2
    Unbuilt IL1
    [Regions: AO]
  • Wilmington & Manchester (W&M)
    W&M ; SC2 ; SC1 ; SC3 ; NC1 ; VA1
    Unbuilt VA3
    [Regions: A]
  • Charleston & Hamburg (C&H)
    C&H  (Double) ; SC4  (Double) ; G&C ; GA1 ; GA8 ; AL3 ; TN10 ; TN12
    Unbuilt MS3
    [Regions: ADM]
  • Savannah & Augusta (S&A)
    S&A  (Double) ; S&G ; GA6 ; GA7 ; AL1 ; AL2 ; TN7
    Unbuilt KY10
    [Regions: AD]
  • Sea Coast Line (SCL)
    SCL  (Double) ; NER  (Double) ; GA4  (Double) ; FL4 ; FL5 ; FL6  (Double) ; AL8
    Unbuilt MS4
    [Regions: AG]
  • Central of Georgia (COG)
    COG  (Double) ; A&WP (Double) ; GA2  (Double) ; GA3 ; AL6 ; AL7
    Unbuilt MS1
    [Regions: ADG]
  • Wabash Line (WBSH)
    WBSH ; OH7
    Unbuilt IN10
    [Regions: O]
  • Alabama & Tennessee (A&T)
    A&T ; AL4
    Unbuilt TN5
    [Regions: D]
  • Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: G]
  • Nashville & Chattanooga (N&C)
    N&C ; A&C ; KY14
    Unbuilt TN14
    [Regions: D]
  • Southern Mississippi (SM)
    SM ; NO&J ; MS6
    Unbuilt TN8
    [Regions: MG]
  • Michigan Northern (MN)
    MN ; MI1
    Unbuilt OH3
    [Regions: L]
  • Ohio & Mississippi (O&M)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: O]
  • Cincinnati & Chicago (C&C)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: C]
  • Illinois Central (IC)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: C]
  • Chicago & Northwestern (C&NW)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: C]

Private Companies Available for Purchase

FW&CFt. Wayne & Chicago 570
FECFlorida East Coast 1495
L&ALouisiana & Arkansas 450
CPCentral Pacific 770
WPWestern Pacific 710
UPUnion Pacific 525

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