Continental Rails II

Game # 32 - Turn # 3

Headline News 1845 to 1846

World & National New

  1. 1845: First telegraph line laid between Washington and Baltimore.
  2. 1846: Congress declares war with Mexico over Texas border incidents!

Railroad News

  • Private Companies Purchased: Snidely Whiplash bought B&H for $556, J. Pierpont Morgan bought NYNH for $851, J. Pierpont Morgan bought S&G for $1751, Jim Fisk bought COG for $1627, Milton Littlefield bought P&LE for $969.
  • PCs Merged: LV merges into PENN, R&D merges into N&W, HRL merges into NYC, NER merges into SCL.
  • PCs Incorporated: W&M, GT, S&A, ERIE, READ, C&O, C&A.
  • New RoWs acquired: PENN got PA9, N&W got VA4, C&H got SC4, B&O got WV1.
  • Loan Recalls: Snidely Whiplash.
  • New railroad Presidents: Susan Morningstar of NYC, Thomas Scott of ERIE, Edward Harriman of C&A, Hannibal Kimball of PENN, Jay Gould of READ, Edward Harriman of C&O, William Ogden of W&M, William Palmer of C&H, Thomas Scott of S&A, Dan Drew of SCL.
  • Development of switch yards facilitates operations, reduces operating costs.
  • Wall Street Report: During last turn, the economic climate remained stable at Depression.
  • Best locomotive available: Lion 0-4-0
  • Technologies available are: Grand Station, switch yards.

Tycoon Announcements:

1Jim Fisk if at first you don't succeed, oh well.
2Edward Harriman much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.
3Susan Morningstar accepted a position with the hudson river line. cousin nell is missing.
5Snidely Whiplash looking for employee to measure distance between rails. rope optional.
6Milton Littlefield congratulations to william palmer for becoming president of two railroads!
7Thomas Scott snidely whiplash plans to tie susan to the nyc railroad track. run, susan, run.
14Dan Drew happy trails to all !

Top Victory Points

The top five Tycoons in each Victory category are (listed first to fifth):
Robber BaronWilliam Palmer (12)Hannibal Kimball (10)Thomas Durant (11)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Dan Drew (14)
Rail MogulWilliam Palmer (12)Milton Littlefield (6)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Thomas Durant (11)Jim Fisk (1)
Rail BuilderJim Fisk (1)Edward Harriman (2)Susan Morningstar (3)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Snidely Whiplash (5)
Rail MagnateMilton Littlefield (6)Thomas Durant (11)William Palmer (12)Jim Fisk (1)Edward Harriman (2)
Rail ProdigalJim Fisk (1)Edward Harriman (2)Susan Morningstar (3)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Snidely Whiplash (5)
Rail BaronWilliam Palmer (12)Milton Littlefield (6)Thomas Durant (11)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Hannibal Kimball (10)

Player Summary

President ofPCs owned
Player #Tycoon nameRR 1RR 2PC 1PC 2
12William Palmer N&WC&H........
10Hannibal Kimball PENN........CNJ
14Dan Drew SCL............
7Thomas Scott S&AERIE........
4J. Pierpont Morgan ........S&GNYNH
9Jay Gould ....READN&S....
11Thomas Durant ................
6Milton Littlefield B&O....P&LE....
13William Ogden ....W&M........
2Edward Harriman C&OC&A........
3Susan Morningstar NYC............
15Carl Olson ................
8John Forbes ................
1Jim Fisk ........COG....
5Snidely Whiplash ........B&AB&H

Railroad Summary

RRNameTracksRevenuesExpenseEfficiencyBondsLoansProfit / shareDividend / shareGrantLand
GTGrand Trunk 731142882288811933110172000
NYCNew York Central 29033484214309652794209774100
ERIEErie Lackawanna 2872309317782833697134129-2000
C&ACamden & Amboy 9217731131218616613153373000
PENNPennsylvania 234344982104399443891973271700
READReading 10416430113379116964156613000
B&OBaltimore & Ohio 1601420586659933229168041000
C&OChesapeake & Ohio 9495767086861310312097-1000
N&WNorfolk & Western 15821874139999630016118375900
W&MWilmington & Manchester 1331059072019217081157690000
C&HCharleston & Hamburg 129162259897992959111046000
S&ASavannah & Augusta 13816218121638520123185770000
SCLSea Coast Line 32439478252669655360240984300

Railroad Lines

Regions:  A = Atlantic ;  D = Deep South ;  O = Ohio ;  L = Great Lakes ;  C = Central ;  M = Mississippi ;  G = Gulf ;  W = Midwest ;  S = Southwest ;  T = Mountain ;  P = Pacific ;  N = Canada ;  X = Mexico 
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • New York Central (NYC)
    NYC ; HRL
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Erie Lackawanna (ERIE)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Camden & Amboy (C&A)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Pennsylvania (PENN)
    PENN ; LV
    Unbuilt PA9
    [Regions: A]
  • Reading (READ)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
    Unbuilt WV1
    [Regions: A]
  • Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Norfolk & Western (N&W)
    N&W ; R&D
    Unbuilt VA4
    [Regions: A]
  • Wilmington & Manchester (W&M)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Charleston & Hamburg (C&H)
    Unbuilt SC4
    [Regions: A]
  • Savannah & Augusta (S&A)
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]
  • Sea Coast Line (SCL)
    SCL ; NER
    Unbuilt none
    [Regions: A]

Private Companies Available for Purchase

B&MBoston & Maine 725
RF&PRichmond, Fred. & Potomac 585
W&WWilmington & Weldon 600
LSLake Shore 910
MRLEMad River & Lake Erie 690
G&CGreenville & Columbia 470
M&CMarietta & Cincinnati 965

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