Continental Rails II

Game # 30 - Turn # 8

Headline News 1855 to 1856


  1. 1855: The Know-Nothing Party sweeps Northern congressional elections.
  2. 1856: Soo Canal completed connecting Lake Superior to Lake Huron.

Railroad News

  • Private Companies Purchased: Aubin de Verlin bought SM for $650, Henry Farham bought O&M for $8629, Dan Drew bought MON for $7119, J. Edgar Thompson bought L&N for $10210, Henry Farham bought IC for $21005.
  • PCs Merged: C&C merges into PENN, A&WP merges into C&O, LS merges into NYC.
  • PCs Incorporated: NO&J, GM&O, MS, A&T.
  • New Technologies Acquired: NYC bought steel rails, LV bought Grand Station.
  • RoWs built: OH3 by HRL, C5 by LV, IN4 by PENN, PA3 by B&O, PA2 by C&O, TN5 by C&H, TN12 by SCL, OH5 by GTW, IN1 by M&C, IN2 by TP&W.
  • GT doubled C3, LV doubled READ, PENN doubled ERIE, B&O doubled PA1, C&O doubled MD1, C&H doubled SC4, SCL doubled S&G.
  • New RoWs acquired: W&M got NC1, RF&P got WV4, MRLE got OH1, GTW got OH6, MN got MI1, PENN got IN7, C&H got KY7, M&C got KY8, SCL got KY12, N&C got TN8, C&O got AL6, HRL got MI2, TP&W got IN8.
  • RR Mergers: M&C merges into B&O.
  • Loan Recalls: J. Pierpont Morgan, Aubin de Verlin, Thomas Scott, Jay Gould.
  • New railroad Presidents: Thomas Scott of A&T, J. Edgar Thompson of GM&O, Dan Drew of NO&J, Jim Fisk of MS.
  • New Private Companies Available: CRIP, CB&Q, CASL, FEC, M&SP, MP, M&LR.
  • Milton Littlefield dominated the social pages by conspicuously spending $3100. Other tycoons prominently displayed in the news for lavish spending were: Aubin de Verlin, J. Edgar Thompson, Dan Drew, Jim Fisk
  • Wall Street Report: During last turn, the economic climate changed from Recession to Normal.
  • Best locomotive available: Norris 4-2-0
  • Technologies available are: Grand Station, switch yards, steel rails.

Top Victory Points

The top five Tycoons in each Victory category are (listed first to fifth):
Robber BaronAubin de Verlin (5)Jim Fisk (1)Thomas Scott (7)Edward Harriman (2)Milton Littlefield (6)
Rail MogulEdward Harriman (2)Aubin de Verlin (5)Milton Littlefield (6)Hannibal Kimball (10)J. Edgar Thompson (3)
Rail BuilderEdward Harriman (2)Aubin de Verlin (5)Milton Littlefield (6)Hannibal Kimball (10)Cornelius Vanderbilt (11)
Rail MagnateEdward Harriman (2)Aubin de Verlin (5)Milton Littlefield (6)Hannibal Kimball (10)Cornelius Vanderbilt (11)
Rail ProdigalMilton Littlefield (6)Aubin de Verlin (5)Dan Drew (14)J. Edgar Thompson (3)Jim Fisk (1)
Rail BaronAubin de Verlin (5)Edward Harriman (2)Milton Littlefield (6)Hannibal Kimball (10)J. Edgar Thompson (3)

Player Summary

President ofPCs owned
Player #Tycoon nameRR 1RR 2PC 1PC 2
5Aubin de Verlin PENNGT....SM
2Edward Harriman SCLN&C........
10Hannibal Kimball LVC&O....MC
14Dan Drew C&HNO&J....MON
1Jim Fisk ....MS........
8Henry Farham MNTP&WICO&M
6Milton Littlefield ....B&O........
7Thomas Scott RF&PA&TA&C....
11Cornelius Vanderbilt NYCGTW........
3J. Edgar Thompson MRLEGM&O....L&N
4J. Pierpont Morgan W&M............
9Jay Gould ........FW&C....
13William Ogden ................
15Cyrus Holliday ................
12William Palmer ................

Railroad Summary

RRNameTracksRevenuesExpenseEfficiencyBondsLoansProfit / shareDividend / shareGrantLand
GTGrand Trunk 57076212419169914129394184440392
NYCNew York Central 6809374148746991585998213279080
HRLHudson River Line 8441060046360197212782149157272901063
LVLehigh Valley 7991311716821099208190146253710600
PENNPennsylvania 2290388303205801985434141337631195050
B&OBaltimore & Ohio 11601661959307095265622159638690925
C&OChesapeake & Ohio 9061092296007799213239122139420191
RF&PRichmond, Fred. & Potomac 152317001888409993485625896669290328
W&MWilmington & Manchester 1331199965999929909172742200
C&HCharleston & Hamburg 1071126928660029924800113573354900464
SCLSea Coast Line 17002742381426039943157615274110110549
MRLEMad River & Lake Erie 1381624390969831093219473124000
GTWGrand Trunk Western 2272417213537984930436465240330
TP&WToledo, Peoria & Warsaw 21021759124029747250339802200
A&TAlabama & Tennessee 1431461995028925101197241000
GM&OGulf, Mobile & Ohio 1351386991548823869187561000
N&CNashville & Chattanooga 151154918520993354023498217200
NO&JNew Orleans & Jackson 18320877141968633417262581000
MNMichigan Northern 102135507859962384716905412900
MSMichigan Southern 20419722130178835265277101000

Railroad Lines:

Regions:  A = Atlantic ;  D = Deep South ;  O = Ohio ;  L = Great Lakes ;  C = Central ;  M = Mississippi ;  G = Gulf ;  W = Midwest ;  S = Southwest ;  T = Mountain ;  P = Pacific ;  N = Canada ;  X = Mexico 
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
    GT  (Double) ; C2 ; C3  (Double)
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AN]
  • New York Central (NYC)
    NYC ; B&A  (Double) ; NY3 ; LS
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AL]
  • Hudson River Line (HRL)
    HRLNY1NY2PA11OH3mi2GTWTP&WmcMNMSoh2GTWMNLVNYCNYCPENNPENNPENNPENNNYCPENNMRLEGTWTP&WNYCpa8LVoh2GTWMNGTLVBoston New York Philadelphia Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Montreal London
    HRL  (Double) ; NY1 ; NY2 ; PA11 ; OH3
    Unbuilt: MI2
    [Regions: AL]
  • Lehigh Valley (LV)
    LVPA9PA10READC4C5PENNPENNPENNNYCmcMNMSHRLNYCB&OC&OB&Opa4PENNpa8HRLMNHRLNew York Philadelphia Baltimore Buffalo Cleveland Detroit London
    LV  (Double) ; PA9 ; PA10 ; READ (Double) ; C4 ; C5
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: ALN]
  • Pennsylvania (PENN)
    PENNC&ANYNHERIEPA5B&HCNJPA6P&LEB&MP&FWWV2A&GWOH4C&CIN4in7monc&eiicTP&Win3in5in6TP&Win9il1il2il3il4il5GTNYCHRLLVLVNYCMRLEGTWB&OTP&WB&Omonfw&cc&eiicc&nwcripcb&qcaslcnsme1HRLHRLB&OC&OB&Opa4RF&Ppa8LVHRLB&Owv3MRLEoh2HRLGTWoh7B&Omi5B&OTP&Win3in5in6TP&Win9il1il10il12il14ky1ky3wi1Boston New York Philadelphia Baltimore Buffalo Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville Chicago St. Louis
    PENN (Double) ; C&A  (Double) ; NYNH ; ERIE (Double) ; PA5 ; B&H ; CNJ  (Double) ; PA6 ; P&LE ; B&M  (Double) ; P&FW ; WV2 ; A&GW ; OH4 ; C&C ; IN4
    Unbuilt: IN7
    [Regions: AOLC]
  • Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
    B&OWV1PA1PA3M&CWBSHOH8IN1ky8o&ml&nin6in10ky5C&Hky9ky10ky11PENNLVPENNLVPENNTP&Wo&mmonfw&cPENNc&eil&nicc&nwcripcb&qcaslcnsC&Opa4PENNRF&PC&ORF&PPENNwv3MRLEPENNGTWoh7mi5TP&Win3PENNin5in6in10il1il10il12il14ky1ky3ky5C&Hwi1New York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville Chicago
    B&O  (Double) ; WV1 ; PA1  (Double) ; PA3 ; M&C ; WBSH ; OH8 ; IN1
    Unbuilt: KY8
    [Regions: AOC]
  • Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O)
    C&OVA2SC5BRLMD1A&WPPA2al6ga7fl6al1al5al7al8PENNLVPENNLVB&ORF&PRF&PSCLC&HRF&Pa&cB&OB&Opa4RF&Pva3RF&Pva7nc2sc3SCLga7SCLC&Hal1New York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington Atlanta Birmingham Pensacola Mobile
    C&O ; VA2 ; SC5 ; BRL ; MD1  (Double) ; A&WP ; PA2
    Unbuilt: AL6
    [Regions: AD]
  • Richmond, Fred. & Potomac (RF&P)
    RF&PMD2N&WR&DN&SVA1VCW&WVA4PA7wv4va5wv3ky1ky2B&OC&OW&MPENNPENNPENNC&OC&Ova3va5va6va7W&Mnc2B&OPENNBaltimore Washington Norfolk Wilmington Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati
    RF&P ; MD2 ; N&W  (Double) ; R&D  (Double) ; N&S ; VA1 ; VC ; W&W ; VA4 ; PA7
    Unbuilt: WV4
    [Regions: AO]
  • Wilmington & Manchester (W&M)
    W&Mnc1RF&PRF&PC&HRF&Pnc2sc2RF&PC&Hsc2Norfolk Wilmington Charleston
    Unbuilt: NC1
    [Regions: A]
  • Charleston & Hamburg (C&H)
    C&HNERSC4G&CSC1TN2TN4TN5ky7B&Oo&ml&nin6in10ky5ky6B&OW&MSCLSCLSCLC&Oa&cA&TN&CW&Msc2sc3C&OSCLga2SCLky6tn1tn3tn6Wilmington Charleston Savannah Cincinnati Louisville Atlanta Birmingham
    C&H  (Double) ; NER ; SC4  (Double) ; G&C ; SC1  (Double) ; TN2 ; TN4 ; TN5
    Unbuilt: KY7
    [Regions: A]
  • Sea Coast Line (SCL)
    SCLS&AGA1COGGA8AL3TN10S&GGA4FL4FL5TN12ky12o&min9in10il2il3il6il7il8il9ky9ky11ky13ky14tn13tn14tn15C&HC&HC&OC&Oa&cA&Tfecm&lrC&HC&Hga2ga3ga5ga6fl3fl6il8il9ky9ky13ky14N&Ctn9tn11tn13tn14tn15al1al2al4al5ms3ms6ms7ar1ar5Charleston Savannah Louisville Atlanta Birmingham Pensacola St. Louis Memphis
    SCL  (Double) ; S&A  (Double) ; GA1  (Double) ; COG ; GA8  (Double) ; AL3 ; TN10 ; S&G  (Double) ; GA4  (Double) ; FL4 ; FL5 ; TN12
    Unbuilt: KY12
    [Regions: ADMG]
  • Mad River & Lake Erie (MRLE)
    Unbuilt: OH1
    [Regions: L]
  • Grand Trunk Western (GTW)
    GTWOH5oh6TP&WMSfw&cPENNPENNoh7B&Omi6B&OTP&Win3NYCPENNMRLETP&WMSfw&cHRLoh2HRLMNHRLmi6Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago
    GTW ; OH5
    Unbuilt: OH6
    [Regions: L]
  • Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw (TP&W)
    TP&WIN2in8monc&eiicin3PENNin5in6PENNin9il1il2il3il4il5GTWmonPENNc&eioh2HRLPENNGTWGTWoh7B&OMNHRLB&Oin3PENNin5in6PENNin9Cleveland Detroit Cincinnati Louisville Chicago St. Louis
    TP&W ; IN2
    Unbuilt: IN8
    [Regions: ]
  • Alabama & Tennessee (A&T)
    A&Ta&cN&CSCLC&HC&Htn6al1al2SCLal4al5Atlanta Birmingham
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: D]
  • Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O)
    GM&Oal4al7al8ms1ms2ms3ms4Birmingham Mobile New Orleans
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: G]
  • Nashville & Chattanooga (N&C)
    N&Ctn8l&nky10ky14tn7tn9SCLtn11SCLtn13SCLms3ms6a&cA&Tl&nky10ky14C&HC&Htn6tn7Louisville Atlanta Birmingham Memphis
    Unbuilt: TN8
    [Regions: ]
  • New Orleans & Jackson (NO&J)
    NO&Jsml&agwms1ms2ms4ms5ms6ms7la3Mobile New Orleans Memphis Vicksburg
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: G]
  • Michigan Northern (MN)
    MNmi1GTWTP&WmcMSoh2HRLGTWHRLLVmcMSHRLmi3LVCleveland Detroit London
    Unbuilt: MI1
    [Regions: L]
  • Michigan Southern (MS)
    MSmcMNfw&cGTWGTWMNHRLmi6LVDetroit Chicago London
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: L]

Private Companies Available for Purchase

C&EIChicago & Eastern Illinois 920
CRIPChicago, Rock Is. & Pacific 750
CB&QChicago, Burlington & Quincy 950
CASLChicago, Alton & St. Louis 925
FECFlorida East Coast 1495
M&SPMilwaukee & St. Paul 1630
MPMissouri Pacific 1415
M&LRMemphis & Little Rock 660

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