Continental Rails II

Game # 30 - Turn # 11

Headline News 1861 to 1862


  1. 1861: Pony Express carries mail from St. Louis to Sacramento in record time of 10 days.
  2. 1862: Telegraph line completed to California: Pony Express goes bankrupt.

Railroad News

  • Private Companies Purchased: J. Pierpont Morgan bought C&NW for $3500, J. Pierpont Morgan bought CB&Q for $3500, Edward Harriman bought CNS for $12637, Hannibal Kimball bought CP for $37615, Aubin de Verlin bought SLSF for $4800, Henry Farham bought SP for $22879.
  • PCs Incorporated: FEC, SL&A, CASL, UP, L&A, V&T.
  • New Engines Acquired: MRLE bought 2000-04-04.
  • New Technologies Acquired: NYC bought coal burning engines, HRL bought steel rails, PENN bought coal burning engines, B&O bought coal burning engines, C&O bought coal burning engines, RF&P bought coal burning engines, W&M bought coal burning engines, SCL bought coal burning engines, GTW bought coal burning engines, A&T bought coal burning engines, N&C bought coal burning engines, NO&J bought coal burning engines, MS bought coal burning engines, C&EI bought coal burning engines, IC bought coal burning engines, CRIP bought coal burning engines, M&SP bought coal burning engines, MP bought coal burning engines, M&LR bought coal burning engines.
  • RoWs built: IN9 by PENN, TN15 by B&O, AL7 by C&O, KY5 by RF&P, SC2 by W&M, TN6 by C&H, MS2 by A&T, TN9 by GM&O, IL8 by N&C, TN7 by L&N.
  • PENN doubled B&H, B&O doubled IN1, C&O doubled MI5, W&M doubled NC1.
  • New RoWs acquired: W&M got SC3, C&EI got IN3, L&N got IN10, B&O got IL9, PENN got KY13, C&H got AL2, C&O got MS4, CRIP got IA7, M&LR got AR4, RF&P got KY3, A&T got AL1, SM got MS7.
  • RR Mergers: TP&W merges into SCL, N&C merges into C&H.
  • New railroad Presidents: Jay Gould of RF&P, Dan Drew of C&H, Edward Harriman of SCL, J. Edgar Thompson of GM&O, Henry Farham of IC, Jim Fisk of CASL, Edward Harriman of M&SP, Henry Farham of V&T, Thomas Scott of L&A, Milton Littlefield of UP, Aubin de Verlin of SL&A.
  • New Private Companies Available: MKT, SLSW, GN, SP&P, KP.
  • Hannibal Kimball earns the Gulf Bonus Award for linking the C&O from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Henry Farham earns the Gulf Bonus Award for linking the SCL from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Aubin de Verlin dominated the social pages by conspicuously spending $4400. Other tycoons prominently displayed in the news for lavish spending were: Milton Littlefield, Hannibal Kimball, J. Edgar Thompson, Dan Drew, Jim Fisk
  • Civil War begins: Railroads may not build a Right-of-Way this turn.
  • Wall Street Report: During last turn, the economic climate changed from Improved to Good.
  • Best locomotive available: Mogul 2-6-0
  • Technologies available are: Grand Station, switch yards, steel rails, coal burning engines.

Top Victory Points

The top five Tycoons in each Victory category are (listed first to fifth):
Robber BaronAubin de Verlin (5)Edward Harriman (2)Jim Fisk (1)Hannibal Kimball (10)Thomas Scott (7)
Rail MogulAubin de Verlin (5)Edward Harriman (2)J. Edgar Thompson (3)Milton Littlefield (6)Hannibal Kimball (10)
Rail BuilderEdward Harriman (2)Hannibal Kimball (10)Aubin de Verlin (5)Henry Farham (8)Milton Littlefield (6)
Rail MagnateAubin de Verlin (5)Edward Harriman (2)Hannibal Kimball (10)Milton Littlefield (6)Henry Farham (8)
Rail ProdigalMilton Littlefield (6)Aubin de Verlin (5)Dan Drew (14)J. Edgar Thompson (3)Hannibal Kimball (10)
Rail BaronAubin de Verlin (5)Edward Harriman (2)Hannibal Kimball (10)Milton Littlefield (6)Dan Drew (14)

Player Summary

President ofPCs owned
Player #Tycoon nameRR 1RR 2PC 1PC 2
2Edward Harriman SCLM&SPCNS....
14Dan Drew C&HNO&J....MON
10Hannibal Kimball CRIPC&OCP....
8Henry Farham V&TIC....SP
5Aubin de Verlin PENNSL&A....SLSF
7Thomas Scott L&AA&T........
6Milton Littlefield UPB&O....WP
3J. Edgar Thompson L&NGM&O........
1Jim Fisk CASLMS........
4J. Pierpont Morgan W&M....CB&QC&NW
11Cornelius Vanderbilt NYCGTW........
9Jay Gould RF&P............
13William Ogden ................
15Cyrus Holliday ................
12William Palmer ................

Railroad Summary

RRNameTracksRevenuesExpenseEfficiencyBondsLoansProfit / shareDividend / shareGrantLand
GTGrand Trunk 5708453648185971526589505250065
NYCNew York Central 680104292542329917447035166101010
HRLHudson River Line 9021286227074099246358142900600183
PENNPennsylvania 265953110527617399653974283611612084
B&OBaltimore & Ohio 1540273827142390993793772313131090139
C&OChesapeake & Ohio 233846631424248599629481232662139480379
RF&PRichmond, Fred. & Potomac 1816221757115313994405401102387110576
W&MWilmington & Manchester 498543062986899129780832431100
C&HCharleston & Hamburg 2130294529153155995462092950597401669
SCLSea Coast Line 27905482522850929974874033686213140277
MRLEMad River & Lake Erie 339361472132795768384495532073
GTWGrand Trunk Western 327392302157799767883084562050
A&TAlabama & Tennessee 6347822743025991511979637354485733
GM&OGulf, Mobile & Ohio 48546386273689510454869824200595
NO&JNew Orleans & Jackson 46349065269869910395874607340308
SMSouthern Mississippi 44870347879912284668311400
MSMichigan Southern 42858224326069591689519976000
C&EIChicago & Eastern Illinois 1842402213452984128028904593500
L&NLouisville & Nashville 2863679720239997201148747490250
ICIllinois Central 18523715139929541798223265000
CRIPChicago, Rock Is. & Pacific 15021254116909935690247606110400
CASLChicago, Alton & St. Louis 18522957160708442704284711000
FECFlorida East Coast 29924705163058860839405610000
M&SPMilwaukee & St. Paul 32634554214239265029391703400
MPMissouri Pacific 28335899240528758752347623100
M&LRMemphis & Little Rock 132158509351952884920183348200
V&TVicksburg & Texas 17316887109778937244248311000
L&ALouisiana & Arkansas 9016913106559124179161217000
UPUnion Pacific 1051140478698523009153410000
SL&ASt Louis & Alton 9917197108349125934172916000

Railroad Lines:

Regions:  A = Atlantic ;  D = Deep South ;  O = Ohio ;  L = Great Lakes ;  C = Central ;  M = Mississippi ;  G = Gulf ;  W = Midwest ;  S = Southwest ;  T = Mountain ;  P = Pacific ;  N = Canada ;  X = Mexico 
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
    GT  (Double) ; C2 ; C3  (Double)
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AN]
  • New York Central (NYC)
    NYCB&ANY3LSPENNGTPENNHRLPENNMRLEGTWHRLHRLC&OHRLHRLGTC&OBoston New York Buffalo Cleveland Pittsburgh Montreal London
    NYC ; B&A  (Double) ; NY3 ; LS
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AL]
  • Hudson River Line (HRL)
    HRLNY1NY2PA11OH3MI2NYCNYCPENNPENNPENNPENNNYCPENNMRLEGTWSCLC&OSCLMSNYCpa8C&Ooh2GTWSCLGTC&OC&OBoston New York Philadelphia Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Montreal London
    HRL  (Double) ; NY1 ; NY2 ; PA11 ; OH3 ; MI2
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AL]
  • Pennsylvania (PENN)
    PENNC&ANYNHERIEPA5B&HCNJPA6P&LEB&MP&FWWV2A&GWOH4C&CIN4IN7IL4IN9ky13SCLL&Nil2SCLil6il7C&HB&OB&Oky11SCLky14SCLC&Htn14B&OGTNYCHRLC&OC&ONYCMRLEGTWB&OSCLB&OSCLmonMSC&EIICc&nwCRIPcb&qCASLcnsMPSL&Amktslsfslswm&wme1HRLHRLB&OC&OB&Opa4RF&Ppa8C&OHRLB&OMRLEMRLEoh2HRLGTWoh7B&OC&OB&OSCLC&EIin5C&HSCLL&NSCLil2SCLil5il6il7C&HB&Oil10il12il14ky1RF&Pky11SCLwi1mo2mo3mo4Boston New York Philadelphia Baltimore Buffalo Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville Chicago St. Louis Memphis Kansas City
    PENN (Double) ; C&A  (Double) ; NYNH ; ERIE (Double) ; PA5 ; B&H  (Double) ; CNJ  (Double) ; PA6 ; P&LE (Double) ; B&M  (Double) ; P&FW (Double) ; WV2 ; A&GW ; OH4 ; C&C ; IN4 ; IN7 ; IL4 ; IN9
    Unbuilt: KY13
    [Regions: AOLCM]
  • Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
    B&OWV1PA1PA3M&CWBSHOH8IN1KY8KY9TN15il9MPSL&Amktslsfslswm&wPENNil5il6il7C&HSCLPENNky14SCLC&Htn14mo2mo3mo4PENNC&OPENNC&OPENNSCLSCLmonMSPENNC&EIL&NICc&nwCRIPcb&qCASLcnsM&LRC&Opa4PENNRF&PC&ORF&PPENNMRLEMRLEPENNGTWoh7C&OSCLC&EIPENNin5C&HL&NSCLC&Hil10il12il14ky1RF&PRF&PC&Hky10ky11SCLPENNky14SCLNO&JSCLC&Htn14SMwi1ar1ar5New York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville Chicago St. Louis Memphis Kansas City
    B&O  (Double) ; WV1 ; PA1  (Double) ; PA3  (Double) ; M&C ; WBSH (Double) ; OH8 ; IN1  (Double) ; KY8 ; KY9 ; TN15
    Unbuilt: IL9
    [Regions: AOCM]
  • Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O)
    C&OVA2SC5BRLMD1A&WPPA2AL6AL8LVPA9PA10READC4C5MCMI5AL7ms4GM&ONO&JSMA&TA&TGM&Oms5NO&JSMPENNPENNPENNB&ORF&PRF&PSCLNYCC&HRF&PA&TGM&OSCLMSmonMSPENNC&EIICc&nwCRIPcb&qCASLcnsHRLNYCB&OB&Opa4PENNpa8HRLRF&Pva3RF&Pva7W&MW&MSCLga7SCLfl6SCLHRLmi4MSB&OSCLil10il12il14C&HA&TA&Tal5ms1A&TGM&Owi1New York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Atlanta Birmingham Pensacola Mobile New Orleans Chicago Memphis Vicksburg London
    C&O ; VA2 ; SC5 ; BRL ; MD1  (Double) ; A&WP (Double) ; PA2  (Double) ; AL6 ; AL8 ; LV  (Double) ; PA9 ; PA10 ; READ (Double) ; C4  (Double) ; C5 ; MC  (Double) ; MI5  (Double) ; AL7
    Unbuilt: MS4
    [Regions: ADLCGN]
  • Richmond, Fred. & Potomac (RF&P)
    RF&PMD2N&WR&DN&SVA1VCW&WVA4PA7WV4KY2KY5ky3B&OPENNB&Ooh7B&OPENNin5ky1ky4ky6B&OC&OW&MPENNPENNB&OSCLL&NPENNC&OC&Ova3va5va6va7W&MW&MB&OPENNMRLEC&HL&Nky1ky4ky6C&HB&OBaltimore Washington Norfolk Wilmington Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville
    RF&P (Double) ; MD2 ; N&W  (Double) ; R&D  (Double) ; N&S ; VA1 ; VC ; W&W ; VA4 ; PA7 ; WV4 ; KY2 ; KY5
    Unbuilt: KY3
    [Regions: AO]
  • Wilmington & Manchester (W&M)
    W&MNC1NC2SC2sc3C&HC&HC&OC&HC&HC&ORF&PRF&PC&HC&HC&HRF&PC&OC&HC&HC&ONorfolk Wilmington Charleston Savannah
    W&M  (Double) ; NC1  (Double) ; NC2 ; SC2
    Unbuilt: SC3
    [Regions: A]
  • Charleston & Hamburg (C&H)
    C&HNERSC4G&CSC1TN2TN4TN5KY7IN6TN6N&CTN8TN13IL8al2A&TSCLL&NGM&OA&TSCLA&Tal5W&MSCLSCLSCLC&OB&OA&TA&TSCLmonC&EIL&NMPSL&Amktslsfslswm&wW&MW&MW&MC&OSCLga2SCLSCLC&EIPENNin5PENNSCLPENNL&NPENNil5il6il7B&ORF&Pky6B&OB&Oky10SCLPENNky14tn1tn3L&NGM&OSCLNO&JSCLtn14B&OSCLGM&ONO&Jmo2mo3mo4Wilmington Charleston Savannah Cincinnati Louisville Atlanta Birmingham Chicago St. Louis Memphis Kansas City
    C&H  (Double) ; NER  (Double) ; SC4  (Double) ; G&C ; SC1  (Double) ; TN2 ; TN4 ; TN5 ; KY7 ; IN6 ; TN6 ; N&C ; TN8 ; TN13 ; IL8
    Unbuilt: AL2
    [Regions: AOM]
  • Sea Coast Line (SCL)
    SCLS&AGA1COGGA8AL3TN10S&GGA4FL4FL5TN12KY12O&MIL3TP&WIN2IN8IL1MNMI1C&HC&HGTWC&OC&OB&OC&OA&TA&TMSmonMSPENNC&EIL&NICc&nwCRIPcb&qCASLFECcnsM&LRC&HC&Hga2ga3ga5ga6fl3fl6oh2HRLPENNGTWGTWoh7B&OHRLmi3C&OB&OC&EIPENNin5C&HPENNPENNL&Nil2PENNil5il6il7C&HB&Oil10il12il14RF&PC&HB&OB&Oky11PENNky14C&HGM&ONO&JC&Htn14B&OA&TC&HA&Tal5GM&ONO&JSMwi1ar1ar5C&OCharleston Savannah Cleveland Detroit Cincinnati Louisville Atlanta Birmingham Pensacola Chicago St. Louis Memphis London
    SCL  (Double) ; S&A  (Double) ; GA1  (Double) ; COG  (Double) ; GA8  (Double) ; AL3 ; TN10 ; S&G  (Double) ; GA4  (Double) ; FL4 ; FL5 ; TN12 ; KY12 ; O&M ; IL3 ; TP&W ; IN2 ; IN8 ; IL1 ; MN ; MI1
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: ADOLCMG]
  • Mad River & Lake Erie (MRLE)
    MRLEOH1WV3NYCPENNPENNGTWB&OPENNHRLva5B&OPENNRF&Poh2HRLPENNky1RF&PBuffalo Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati
    MRLE ; OH1 ; WV3
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: L]
  • Grand Trunk Western (GTW)
    GTWOH5OH6NYCPENNMRLESCLMSMSPENNHRLoh2HRLPENNoh7B&OSCLHRLMSB&OSCLC&EIBuffalo Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago
    GTW ; OH5 ; OH6
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: L]
  • Alabama & Tennessee (A&T)
    A&TA&CAL4MS2al1C&Oga7SCLC&HSCLal5C&OSCLC&OC&OGM&OC&HNO&JL&AgwSCLSCLC&HC&HC&HC&HSCLal5C&Oms1GM&OC&Ola3Atlanta Birmingham Mobile New Orleans
    A&T ; A&C ; AL4 ; MS2
    Unbuilt: AL1
    [Regions: DG]
  • Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O)
    GM&OMS3TN9C&HL&NC&HSCLNO&JSCLC&HC&HSCLA&TC&OC&Oms1A&TC&ONO&JBirmingham Mobile New Orleans Memphis
    GM&O ; MS3 ; TN9
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: G]
  • New Orleans & Jackson (NO&J)
    NO&JMS6tn11M&LRC&HGM&OSCLSCLC&Htn14B&OSCLGM&OSMar1ar5SML&AgwC&HGM&OSCLSCLC&HSCLms1A&TGM&OC&Oms5SMla3Birmingham Mobile New Orleans Memphis Vicksburg
    NO&J ; MS6
    Unbuilt: TN11
    [Regions: G]
  • Southern Mississippi (SM)
    SMms7NO&JM&LRSCLNO&Jtn14B&OC&Oms5NO&Jar1ar5NO&JV&TC&Oms5NO&Jla5New Orleans Memphis Vicksburg
    Unbuilt: MS7
    [Regions: M]
  • Michigan Southern (MS)
    MSFW&CMI6C&OSCLmonPENNC&EIICc&nwCRIPcb&qCASLcnsGTWGTWSCLHRLmi4C&OB&OSCLil10il12il14wi1C&ODetroit Chicago London
    MS ; FW&C ; MI6
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: LC]
  • Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI)
    Unbuilt: IN3
    [Regions: C]
  • Louisville & Nashville (L&N)
    L&NTN7in10B&OSCLC&HPENNil2SCLil6il7RF&PC&HB&Oky11SCLPENNB&OC&HSCLC&HRF&PC&HB&Oky10ky14C&HC&HGM&OC&HCincinnati Louisville Birmingham St. Louis
    L&N ; TN7
    Unbuilt: IN10
    [Regions: O]
  • Illinois Central (IC)
    ICmonMSPENNC&EIc&nwCRIPcb&qCASLcnsC&OB&OPENNSCLSCLil2SCLPENNil5il10il12il14wi1Chicago St. Louis
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: C]
  • Chicago, Rock Is. & Pacific (CRIP)
    CRIPia7kcnil13il14il15ia3ia4ia5ia6ia8ia10mo7monMSPENNC&EIICc&nwcb&qCASLcnsC&OB&OSCLil10il12il13il14il15wi1ia8Chicago Omaha Kansas City
    Unbuilt: IA7
    [Regions: C]
  • Chicago, Alton & St. Louis (CASL)
    CASLmonMSPENNC&EIICc&nwCRIPcb&qcnsSL&AC&OB&OSCLil10il11il12il14wi1mo1Chicago St. Louis
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: C]
  • Florida East Coast (FEC)
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: ]
  • Milwaukee & St. Paul (M&SP)
    M&SPcnsnpsp&psp&dwi1wi2wi4wi5wi6mn1mn2mn3mn5mn6Chicago Duluth St. Paul
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: W]
  • Missouri Pacific (MP)
    MPSL&Amktslsfslswkc&dkpatsfkcskcnlp&wm&wPENNil5il6il7C&HB&Omo2mo3mo4mo6mo7mo8mo9St. Louis Omaha Kansas City
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: MW]
  • Memphis & Little Rock (M&LR)
    M&LRar4lr&sar3ar7ar8ok1ok2ok3lr&sSCLNO&Jtn14B&OSMar1ar3ar5Memphis Ft. Worth
    Unbuilt: AR4
    [Regions: M]
  • Vicksburg & Texas (V&T)
    V&TSMt&plr&sh&sms5ar6ar8la4la5la6tx2tx5Vicksburg Ft. Worth Houston
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: M]
  • Louisiana & Arkansas (L&A)
    L&ANO&Jgwms1A&Tla2la3la4la5Mobile New Orleans Vicksburg
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: G]
  • Union Pacific (UP)
    UPlp&wia5ia6ia9ia11ne1ne2Omaha Kansas City
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: W]
  • St Louis & Alton (SL&A)
    SL&ACASLMPmktslsfslswm&wPENNil5il6il7C&HB&Oil11mo1mo2mo3mo4Chicago St. Louis Kansas City
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: M]

Private Companies Available for Purchase

MKTMissouri, Kansas & Texas 1630
SLSWSt Louis & Southwestern 775
GWGreat Western 700
GNGreat Northern 1475
SP&PSt Paul & Pacific 1430
KPKansas Pacific 890

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