Continental Rails II

Game # 29 - Turn # 9

Headline News 1857 to 1858


  1. 1857: Western Union Telegraph Company begins operations.
  2. 1858: The Dred Scott decision by Supreme Court angers Northern anti-slavery elements.

Railroad News

  • Private Companies Purchased: Hannibal Kimball bought READ for $569, Nicholas van Rijn bought MRLE for $695, Jay Gould bought CRIP for $7850, Guy de Lusignan bought M&SP for $12135.
  • PCs Merged: C&C merges into TP&W, L&N merges into B&O, MON merges into R&D.
  • PCs Incorporated: MC, IC, C&NW, O&M, CB&Q.
  • New Engines Acquired: GT bought Prairie 2-6-2, B&H bought Prairie 2-6-2, NYC bought Atlantic 4-4-2, PENN bought Prairie 2-6-2, B&O bought Prairie 2-6-2, R&D bought Prairie 2-6-2, W&M bought Mogul 2-6-0, C&H bought Prairie 2-6-2, SCL bought Prairie 2-6-2, S&G bought Mogul 2-6-0, COG bought Prairie 2-6-2, TP&W bought Prairie 2-6-2, C&EI bought Prairie 2-6-2.
  • New Technologies Acquired: B&H bought steel rails, B&H bought coal burning engines, PENN bought coal burning engines, B&O bought coal burning engines, R&D bought coal burning engines, C&H bought coal burning engines, SCL bought coal burning engines, COG bought coal burning engines, TP&W bought coal burning engines, C&EI bought coal burning engines.
  • RoWs built: ME1 by B&H, IN3 by PENN, IN7 by R&D, PA3 by N&W, TN12 by C&H, FL5 by SCL, AL7 by COG, MI1 by LS, IN2 by TP&W, MS3 by GM&O, MS6 by SM.
  • C&H doubled C&H.
  • New RoWs acquired: SCL got FL6, LS got OH5, PENN got IN8, B&O got IL3, R&D got IL4, C&H got KY12, COG got TN5, SM got TN13, B&H got C1, TP&W got IN6, GM&O got TN8.
  • RR Mergers: R&D merges into SCL, N&W merges into B&O.
  • New railroad Presidents: Nicholas van Rijn of O&M, B. of C&EI, Henry Farham of IC, Hannibal Kimball of CB&Q.
  • New Private Companies Available: MP, CP, WP, SL&A.
  • B. earns the Gulf Bonus Award for linking the SCL from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Guy de Lusignan dominated the social pages by conspicuously spending $3000. Other tycoons prominently displayed in the news for lavish spending were: Nicholas van Rijn, Jay Gould, Henry Farham, B.
  • Wall Street Report: During last turn, the economic climate changed from Recession to Normal.
  • Best locomotive available: Prairie 2-6-2
  • Technologies available are: Grand Station, switch yards, steel rails, coal burning engines.

Top Victory Points

The top five Tycoons in each Victory category are (listed first to fifth):
Robber BaronB. (3)Guy de Lusignan (5)Nicholas van Rijn (2)Jay Gould (9)Henry Farham (6)
Rail MogulB. (3)Nicholas van Rijn (2)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Henry Farham (6)Guy de Lusignan (5)
Rail BuilderB. (3)Guy de Lusignan (5)Henry Farham (6)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Nicholas van Rijn (2)
Rail MagnateGuy de Lusignan (5)Henry Farham (6)B. (3)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Nicholas van Rijn (2)
Rail ProdigalB. (3)Henry Farham (6)Jay Gould (9)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Guy de Lusignan (5)
Rail BaronB. (3)Guy de Lusignan (5)Henry Farham (6)Nicholas van Rijn (2)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)

Player Summary

President ofPCs owned
Player #Tycoon nameRR 1RR 2PC 1PC 2
5Guy de Lusignan PENNB&HM&SP....
3B. SCLC&EI........
2Nicholas van Rijn SMO&MMRLE....
6Henry Farham C&HIC........
4J. Pierpont Morgan TP&WGM&O........
9Jay Gould B&O........CRIP
10Hannibal Kimball CB&QGT....READ
8John Forbes ........P&LE....
13William Ogden ................
15Cyrus Holliday ................
14Dan Drew ................
12William Palmer ................
11Thomas Durant ................
7Thomas Scott ................
1Jim Fisk ................

Railroad Summary

RRNameTracksRevenuesExpenseEfficiencyBondsLoansProfit / shareDividend / shareGrantLand
GTGrand Trunk 32941561265999679917555161200
B&ABoston & Albany 65272546500579114472385290000308
B&HBoston & Hartford 39148409266249973803572225400
NYCNew York Central 748112325741349418232597469400268
PENNPennsylvania 227839407020885698487668242466109505487
B&OBaltimore & Ohio 222527270314453198544776327509440473
W&MWilmington & Manchester 3854185228878916848950662100139
C&HCharleston & Hamburg 102214743582563981876871338357900
SCLSea Coast Line 2518350185192601964883953574646140883
S&GSavannah & Gulf 157184441272691323406414000
COGCentral of Georgia 83194345500029814895312513841200
LSLake Shore 50759179432018710481185009-10480203
TP&WToledo, Peoria & Warsaw 4124358723973997846661566340210
MCMichigan Central 15216323106108927257214181000
GM&OGulf, Mobile & Ohio 3252933618188926112348467040570
SMSouthern Mississippi 5075495432422959887278430215176770
O&MOhio & Mississippi 16517620125108329259229910000
C&EIChicago & Eastern Illinois 18421847139829031129218533100
ICIllinois Central 18521114137248933725265002000
C&NWChicago & Northwestern 12017174111638923715186354000
CB&QChicago, Burlington & Quincy 19021657147278634495271051000

Railroad Lines:

Regions:  A = Atlantic ;  D = Deep South ;  O = Ohio ;  L = Great Lakes ;  C = Central ;  M = Mississippi ;  G = Gulf ;  W = Midwest ;  S = Southwest ;  T = Mountain ;  P = Pacific ;  N = Canada ;  X = Mexico 
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
    GTC2B&HB&AB&HB&ABoston Montreal
    GT  (Double) ; C2
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AN]
  • Boston & Albany (B&A)
    B&AC3NY1B&HGTB&HNYCNYCPENNPENNPENNGTBoston New York Buffalo Montreal
    B&A ; C3 ; NY1
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: AN]
  • Boston & Hartford (B&H)
    B&HB&MME1c1GTB&APENNBoston New York Quebec
    B&H ; B&M ; ME1
    Unbuilt: C1
    [Regions: A]
  • New York Central (NYC)
    NYCHRLNY3C4C5MI2B&APENNPENNPENNPENNLSgtwTP&WMCmnmsB&APENNLSPENNoh2LSLSLSB&ABoston New York Philadelphia Buffalo Cleveland Detroit Montreal London
    NYC  (Double) ; HRL ; NY3 ; C4 ; C5 ; MI2
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: ALN]
  • Pennsylvania (PENN)
    PENNC&APA5ERIEPA6LVPA8CNJNY2PA11P&FWA&GWOH4NYNHIN1IN3in8SCLC&EIICTP&WSCLB&OTP&WSCLB&Oil1il2B&Oil4il5B&HNYCreadLSp&lemrlegtwB&OTP&WB&OSCLfw&cTP&WC&EIICC&NWcripCB&QcaslcnsB&ANYCB&Opa2B&Opa4B&Opa9LSwv2oh1oh2LSoh6oh7oh8mi5TP&WSCLB&OTP&WSCLB&Oil1il10il12il14SCLky3wi1NYCBoston New York Philadelphia Baltimore Buffalo Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville Chicago St. Louis London
    PENN (Double) ; C&A  (Double) ; PA5 ; ERIE (Double) ; PA6 ; LV  (Double) ; PA8 ; CNJ  (Double) ; NY2 ; PA11 (Double) ; P&FW ; A&GW ; OH4 ; NYNH ; IN1 ; IN3
    Unbuilt: IN8
    [Regions: AOLC]
  • Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
    B&OWV1M&CWV3WBSHIN5IN9L&NN&WRF&PN&SMD2MD1PA7PA1PA3il3O&MICSCLPENNin10il1il2il4il5il6il7ky11C&Hky13PENNPENNPENNreadSCLSCLw&wp&lePENNPENNn&cO&MSCLC&EIpa2pa4PENNPENNSCLva3SCLva7SCLnc2wv2wv4oh1oh7oh8TP&WPENNSCLTP&WSCLPENNin10il2il6il7SCLky2ky3ky5ky7ky8ky10ky11C&Hky13ky14tn7GM&ONew York Philadelphia Baltimore Washington Norfolk Wilmington Cleveland Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville Chicago St. Louis
    B&O  (Double) ; WV1 ; M&C  (Double) ; WV3 ; WBSH (Double) ; IN5 ; IN9 ; L&N ; N&W ; RF&P ; N&S ; MD2 ; MD1  (Double) ; PA7 ; PA1 ; PA3
    Unbuilt: IL3
    [Regions: AO]
  • Wilmington & Manchester (W&M)
    W&MSC2SC1w&wSCLC&HC&HSCLS&Gg&cSCLsc3C&Hga2SCLWilmington Charleston Savannah
    W&M ; SC2 ; SC1
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: A]
  • Charleston & Hamburg (C&H)
    C&HSC4S&AGA1GA8AL3TN10TN12ky12O&MB&Oin10il2B&Oil6il7il8il9ky9ky11ky13ky14SMtn14tn15SCLSCLS&GCOGg&cCOGbrlCOGa&tm&lrW&MW&Msc3ga2SCLil8il9ky9ky13ky14GM&Otn9tn11SMtn14tn15al1al2al4al5GM&OSMms7ar1ar5Charleston Savannah Louisville Atlanta Birmingham St. Louis Memphis
    C&H  (Double) ; SC4 ; S&A  (Double) ; GA1 ; GA8 ; AL3 ; TN10 ; TN12
    Unbuilt: KY12
    [Regions: ADM]
  • Sea Coast Line (SCL)
    SCLNERGA4FL4NC1VA1FL5R&DC&OVA4VA5VCKY1IN4MONIN7fl6al5COGCOGal8B&OB&OB&Ow&wW&MC&HC&HS&GB&OPENNB&Ofw&cTP&WC&EIICC&NWcripCB&QcaslfeccnsB&OB&Ova2va3va6va7nc2W&MW&Mga2ga5fl3B&Owv4oh7oh8mi5PENNTP&WPENNB&OTP&WPENNB&Oil1il2B&Oil4il5il10il12il14ky2ky3wi1Baltimore Washington Norfolk Wilmington Charleston Savannah Cincinnati Louisville Birmingham Pensacola Mobile Chicago St. Louis
    SCL  (Double) ; NER ; GA4  (Double) ; FL4 ; NC1 ; VA1 ; FL5 ; R&D  (Double) ; C&O  (Double) ; VA4 ; VA5 ; VC ; KY1 ; IN4 ; MON ; IN7
    Unbuilt: FL6
    [Regions: AOCG]
  • Savannah & Gulf (S&G)
    S&GC&HSCLW&Mga2COGSCLga5COGCharleston Savannah
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: A]
  • Central of Georgia (COG)
    COGGA3A&CA&WPGA6AL6AL7tn5a&tn&cky6ky7tn4tn6S&Gbrla&tGM&On&cC&Hga2ga5ga7C&HSCLtn4tn6al1al5al8ms1Savannah Louisville Atlanta Birmingham Pensacola Mobile New Orleans
    COG ; GA3 ; A&C ; A&WP ; GA6 ; AL6 ; AL7
    Unbuilt: TN5
    [Regions: DG]
  • Lake Shore (LS)
    LSPA10OH3MI1oh5gtwTP&Wmsfw&coh2oh6NYCmi6p&lemrlegtwTP&WMCmnmsPENNNYCpa9PENNoh2NYCNYCNYCBuffalo Cleveland Detroit Pittsburgh Chicago London
    LS ; PA10 ; OH3 ; MI1
    Unbuilt: OH5
    [Regions: L]
  • Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw (TP&W)
    TP&WC&CIN2in6B&OO&MSCLC&EIB&OPENNSCLB&OSCLPENNB&Oin10ky5ky7ky8gtwSCLfw&cC&EIICC&NWcripCB&Qcaslcnsoh2LSPENNLSoh6oh7oh8LSNYCmi5PENNPENNSCLB&OSCLPENNB&Oil1il10il12il14wi1Cleveland Detroit Cincinnati Louisville Chicago
    TP&W ; C&C ; IN2
    Unbuilt: IN6
    [Regions: C]
  • Michigan Central (MC)
    MCmnmsLSNYCmi4mi5mi6NYCDetroit Chicago London
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: L]
  • Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O)
    GM&OMS3tn8n&cB&Oky10ky14tn7tn9C&Htn11C&HSMC&HSMtn9C&Htn11C&HSMC&Hal4COGal8ms1ms2ms4SMLouisville Birmingham Mobile New Orleans Memphis
    GM&O ; MS3
    Unbuilt: TN8
    [Regions: G]
  • Southern Mississippi (SM)
    SMNO&JMS6tn13il8il9ky9C&Hky13ky14GM&Otn9C&Htn11C&Htn14tn15C&HGM&Ov&tl&agwGM&Otn9C&Htn11C&HC&Hms1ms2GM&Oms4ms5ms7la3la5Birmingham Mobile New Orleans St. Louis Memphis Vicksburg
    SM ; NO&J ; MS6
    Unbuilt: TN13
    [Regions: MG]
  • Ohio & Mississippi (O&M)
    O&MB&OB&OTP&WB&Oin10il2B&Oil6il7ky5ky7ky8ky11C&Hky13Cincinnati Louisville St. Louis
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: O]
  • Chicago & Eastern Illinois (C&EI)
    C&EISCLfw&cTP&WICC&NWcripCB&Qcaslcnsmi5PENNTP&WPENNSCLB&OTP&WSCLPENNB&Oil1il10il12il14wi1Cincinnati Louisville Chicago
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: C]
  • Illinois Central (IC)
    ICSCLfw&cTP&WC&EIC&NWcripCB&Qcaslcnsmi5PENNSCLPENNil1il2B&Oil4il5il10il12il14wi1Chicago St. Louis
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: C]
  • Chicago & Northwestern (C&NW)
    C&NWSCLfw&cTP&WC&EIICcripCB&Qcaslcnsmi5PENNil1il10il12il14il15wi1wi2wi3wi4Chicago St. Paul
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: C]
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q)
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: C]

Private Companies Available for Purchase

W&WWilmington & Weldon 600
G&CGreenville & Columbia 470
GTWGrand Trunk Western 535
BRLBlue Ridge Line 925
A&TAlabama & Tennessee 715
N&CNashville & Chattanooga 755
MNMichigan Northern 510
MSMichigan Southern 1020
FW&CFt. Wayne & Chicago 570
CASLChicago, Alton & St. Louis 925
FECFlorida East Coast 1495
MPMissouri Pacific 1415
M&LRMemphis & Little Rock 660
CPCentral Pacific 770
WPWestern Pacific 710
SL&ASt Louis & Alton 495

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