Continental Rails II

Game # 29 - Turn # 4

Headline News 1847 to 1848


  1. 1847: U.S. and Britain reach peaceful agreement on Oregon border.
  2. 1848: Mexican war ends; California ceded to U.S.

Railroad News

  • Private Companies Purchased: J. Pierpont Morgan bought B&H for $662, Hannibal Kimball bought ERIE for $1517, B. bought C&O for $956, J. Pierpont Morgan bought W&M for $670, Nicholas van Rijn bought LS for $1004, John Forbes bought P&LE for $1000, Guy de Lusignan bought P&FW for $2673, Jay Gould bought M&C for $3376.
  • PCs Incorporated: COG.
  • New Engines Acquired: PENN bought Norris 4-2-0.
  • New Technologies Acquired: PENN bought Grand Station.
  • RoWs built: PA5 by PENN, MD2 by N&W, SC4 by C&H.
  • GT doubled GT, NYC doubled NYC, LV doubled LV, PENN doubled C&A, SCL doubled SCL.
  • New RoWs acquired: NYC got NY3, PENN got PA6, LV got PA8, N&W got MD1, R&D got VA4, C&H got GA1, SCL got GA4, B&O got WV1, GT got C2, B&A got C3.
  • New railroad Presidents: Henry Farham of COG.
  • New Private Companies Available: MRLE, VC, BRL, A&GW, TP&W, WBSH.
  • B. dominated the social pages by conspicuously spending $1100. Other tycoons prominently displayed in the news for lavish spending were: Jay Gould
  • B. dominated the social pages by conspicuously spending $1100. Other tycoons prominently displayed in the news for lavish spending were: Jay Gould
  • Wall Street Report: During last turn, the economic climate changed from Panic to Depression.
  • Best locomotive available: American 4-4-0
  • Technologies available are: Grand Station.

Top Victory Points

The top five Tycoons in each Victory category are (listed first to fifth):
Robber BaronB. (3)Jay Gould (9)Guy de Lusignan (5)John Forbes (8)Nicholas van Rijn (2)
Rail MogulB. (3)Henry Farham (6)Guy de Lusignan (5)Nicholas van Rijn (2)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)
Rail BuilderJim Fisk (1)Nicholas van Rijn (2)B. (3)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Guy de Lusignan (5)
Rail MagnateB. (3)Henry Farham (6)John Forbes (8)Nicholas van Rijn (2)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)
Rail ProdigalB. (3)J. Pierpont Morgan (4)Jay Gould (9)Jim Fisk (1)Nicholas van Rijn (2)
Rail BaronB. (3)Henry Farham (6)Jay Gould (9)John Forbes (8)Guy de Lusignan (5)

Player Summary

President ofPCs owned
Player #Tycoon nameRR 1RR 2PC 1PC 2
3B. SCLR&DC&O....
9Jay Gould ....N&WM&C....
5Guy de Lusignan PENNLVP&FW....
2Nicholas van Rijn B&OGT....LS
4J. Pierpont Morgan NYCB&AB&HW&M
8John Forbes ....S&GP&LE....
6Henry Farham C&HCOGS&A....
13William Ogden ................
14Dan Drew ................
15Cyrus Holliday ................
11Thomas Durant ................
10Hannibal Kimball ........ERIE....
12William Palmer ................
7Thomas Scott ................
1Jim Fisk ................

Railroad Summary

RRNameTracksRevenuesExpenseEfficiencyBondsLoansProfit / shareDividend / shareGrantLand
GTGrand Trunk 731407190059626231149393600
B&ABoston & Albany 2012091914225926073234440-3712050
NYCNew York Central 29034758215509877197275482107450
LVLehigh Valley 13023691146889843925250103400
PENNPennsylvania 33153742327829676186384276900
B&OBaltimore & Ohio 160136198308993392316773110250
R&DRichmond & Danville 76101506293982560714548-1900
N&WNorfolk & Western 59451847316279914682078393-16225608
C&HCharleston & Hamburg 212239651461999399311132951800
SCLSea Coast Line 32446541288559882210309454166950
S&GSavannah & Gulf 1571553212426804463925111-6000
COGCentral of Georgia 861047276458711099111010000

Railroad Lines:

Regions:  A = Atlantic ;  D = Deep South ;  O = Ohio ;  L = Great Lakes ;  C = Central ;  M = Mississippi ;  G = Gulf ;  W = Midwest ;  S = Southwest ;  T = Mountain ;  P = Pacific ;  N = Canada ;  X = Mexico 
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
    GTc2B&Ab&mB&Ab&hBoston Montreal
    GT  (Double)
    Unbuilt: C2
    [Regions: A]
  • Boston & Albany (B&A)
    B&Ac3NYCNYCny1GTb&mGTb&hNYCNYCny1Boston New York Montreal
    Unbuilt: C3
    [Regions: A]
  • New York Central (NYC)
    NYCHRLny3lsny2pa10pa11c4B&AnynheriecnjPENNny1B&ABoston New York Philadelphia Buffalo Cleveland Montreal London
    NYC  (Double) ; HRL
    Unbuilt: NY3
    [Regions: A]
  • Lehigh Valley (LV)
    LVpa8eriecnjny1ny2pa9cnjPENNPENNreadpa1pa2pa9New York Philadelphia Baltimore Buffalo
    LV  (Double)
    Unbuilt: PA8
    [Regions: A]
  • Pennsylvania (PENN)
    PENNC&APA5pa6p&lep&fwpa7wv2NYCnynheriecnjLVreadpa1pa2pa3pa4New York Philadelphia Baltimore Cleveland Pittsburgh
    PENN ; C&A  (Double) ; PA5
    Unbuilt: PA6
    [Regions: A]
  • Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)
    B&Owv1m&cpa7N&Wwv2wv3oh1pa1pa2pa3pa4pa7N&WN&WPhiladelphia Baltimore Washington Pittsburgh Cincinnati
    Unbuilt: WV1
    [Regions: A]
  • Richmond & Danville (R&D)
    R&Dva4c&ovcva2va3va5va6va7c&oN&WN&Wvcva1va2va3va7Washington Norfolk
    Unbuilt: VA4
    [Regions: ]
  • Norfolk & Western (N&W)
    N&WRF&PN&SMD2md1B&Oc&opa1pa2pa3pa4va7B&Oc&oR&Dw&wpa7va1va3va7nc1nc2B&OPhiladelphia Baltimore Washington Norfolk Wilmington Pittsburgh
    N&W ; RF&P ; N&S ; MD2
    Unbuilt: MD1
    [Regions: A]
  • Charleston & Hamburg (C&H)
    C&HSC4ga1s&aCOGa&wpbrla&cga8SCLs&aSCLg&csc1sc2sc3Charleston Savannah Atlanta Birmingham
    C&H ; SC4
    Unbuilt: GA1
    [Regions: A]
  • Sea Coast Line (SCL)
    SCLNERga4s&aS&Gfecsc1ga2ga5fl3fl4w&mC&Hs&aS&Gnc1sc1sc2ga2Wilmington Charleston Savannah
    SCL  (Double) ; NER
    Unbuilt: GA4
    [Regions: A]
  • Savannah & Gulf (S&G)
    S&Gs&aSCLsc1ga2ga3SCLga5ga6Charleston Savannah
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: A]
  • Central of Georgia (COG)
    COGa&wpbrla&cC&Hga2ga3ga8Savannah Atlanta Birmingham
    Unbuilt: none
    [Regions: D]

Private Companies Available for Purchase

B&MBoston & Maine 725
NYNHNew York & New Haven 550
CNJCentral New Jersey 670
READReading 520
W&WWilmington & Weldon 600
MRLEMad River & Lake Erie 690
G&CGreenville & Columbia 470
GTWGrand Trunk Western 535
VCVirginia Central 1465
BRLBlue Ridge Line 925
A&GWAtlantic & Great Western 580
TP&WToledo, Peoria & Warsaw 700
WBSHWabash Line 570

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