Each King starts with a treasury of 10 gold. This money can be used to hire armies or Heroes. At the end of a game turn, revenue is collected, then armies and Heroes are maintained.

[9.1] Revenue

Gold is earned in two ways: taxation and adventure. Each province has a taxation value. If a King controls a province at the end of the turn, the taxes are added to his treasury. A King may also gain gold by thieves or by defeating a monster in its lair and taking its treasure.

[9.2] Expenses

Heroes and armies are paid when they are hired and at the end of each game turn. Heroes get paid first, then armies. An unpaid army may be reduced in quality and may desert. If a Hero goes unpaid in a turn, there is a possibility of desertion, but some Heroes are so loyal that they will never willingly desert their liege lord.

A King may also lose gold in adventure. An unfriendly character may steal from the King, or a monster may venture from its lair and devastate a province, thus reducing taxes for that game turn. Monsters tend to grow bolder and devastate the province more often unless they are effectively attacked.